20 Years Experience in the Caribbean Sailing Vacation

We sail catamarans!

We offer dedicated sailing adventure in the Caribbean with lots of sun, fun and relaxation. Our sailing catamarans range from 42 to 70 feet and are crewed by experienced captain and first mate team who cater for your every needs. Our trips take you to secret hidden coves and bays. Sumptuous meals and great entertainment: from sailing to diving, from kitesurfing to snorkeling, not to mention the possibility of making new friends from around the world.

An affiliate of TradeWinds Experience, Alizes Charters is managed by Franck & Jozette Sarazin. With twenty years of experience in the industry, we are taking pride in the quality of services we provide and our guest book is proof to this...

Franck from France has been sailing from the day he could stand on his two feet. He discovered the adventure of sailing on the coastal waters of “La Bretagne” and his passion was born. For years he mastered the skill of sailing and before long was part of the French Olympic team racing across Europe on Tornado... Desiring adventure, he set sail  twenty years ago on a transatlantic journey, the first of many, arriving on the beautiful shores of the French Caribbean. There he commenced his life of chartering. On one of his deliveries, he found himself in Trinidad where he soon became the father to a wonderful son. He decided to abandon the chartering world and opened his own water-sports company in Trinidad’s sister isle, Tobago where he spent many years sharing with tourists the joy of sailing on the open sea, snorkeling the exotic reefs and diving the underwater world. After a few years, he met Jozette, had a world-wind romance and settled into the life of a couple.

Jozette left her sun-kissed beaches to venture into the big wide world at eighteen. After finishing her University degree she became an international model. For several years she worked for the likes of Yves Saint-Laurent and Paco Rabanne but decided to give up the high flying life of a runway model for the warmth of her Caribbean home. Upon her return, she met Franck who planted the seed of love for the ocean and sailing in her heart.

Fractional Ownership Program

Fractional Ownership Program

Enjoy the fun, pleasure and satisfaction of yacht ownership only at a fraction of the cost and, most important, without the worries (crew, maintenance, etc) that usually comes with it. More information here...


This is where some of our guest can relate their experience sailing with us. Read about all the fun you could have: from kitesurfary to cabin rental and more...

New Crew

Looking for a new life style? We are always looking for new crew.


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