What you should expect of a catamaran sailing vacation in the Caribbean

The Food

At Alizes Charters, we have a wonderful philosophy, we believe that most people don’t want to eat at the same restaurant every day on their vacation, therefore a great deal of thought has gone into our menus in order to make them very varied and tasty. We have a set menu from which we serve fresh fish, meats, poultry, lots of fresh salads and fruits. Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are all delicious. Have a look at a sample menu...



Imagine jumping in the water right off your yacht as your wake up call. Dive the well choosen spot in the area. Back on the boat for breakfast: what a way to start your day!

The major attraction of diving with Alizes Charters, is that we dive only in small groups and most of the time, right off the yacht. No "cattle diving", no long wait among 15 or 20 other divers. It is then possible and becomes a real pleasure for your guide to show the hidden under water marine life.

All diving equipment is available onboard for certified divers. You may expect to do 2-3 awesome dives during your week's cruise. One of your crew members is a dive master and will guide you expertly around. USD 45.00 per person per dive. Check out our dedicated dive charter.

Fractional Ownership Program

Fractional Ownership Program

Enjoy the fun, pleasure and satisfaction of yacht ownership only at a fraction of the cost and, most important, without the worries (crew, maintenance, etc) that usually comes with it. More information here...


This is where some of our guest can relate their experience sailing with us. Read about all the fun you could have: from kitesurfary to cabin rental and more...

about us

About Us

Alizes Charters is the first ever sailing charter company offering weekly luxury sailing charters on catamaran around Tobago. Established at the Lagoon Lodge in Tobago, Read more....

New Crew

Looking for a new life style? We are always looking for new crew.


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