Own a luxury sailing catamaran at a fraction of the cost and worry free!

Fractional Ownership

The Concept

Sailing Time

Enjoy up to 9 weeks of sailing each year on your yacht. We’ll make sure your yacht is pristine and totally prepared each time you sail.

Zero Operating Expenses

As an owner you pay NO operating expenses. You do not need to worry about anything: dockage, insurance, parts, labor and much more. It truly is worry-free yacht ownership.

Professional Maintenance

Your yacht will be maintained to the most rigorous standards in the industry at no cost to you. All work will be performed by our own team of professionals with our precise guidelines.

Option to Extend

Should you enjoy your first six years of ownership, several options to extend your ownership are at your disposal.

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The Way It Works

Your yacht will be made available to the TradeWinds Members and other TradeWinds guests (RCI, Member referrals, rentals) for a minimum of 28 weeks per year. It will operate on a (2) two weeks “on charter”, (1) one week “off charter” basis to allow for maintenance.

Your Yacht will be available for charter out of Tobago from the beginning of April 2012 until the end of August 2018.

Your Privilege 51’ catamaran will be purchased and owned by Alizes Catamaran Incorporated (ACI), an British Virgin Islands registered company, with a capital of $ 600,000. ACI will issue (4) shares at $ 150,000.

You can decide to be a 25%, 50% or 75% shareholder. The greater your involvement, the greater your usage and your financial returns. Please see “Benefits”.

ACI, your company, will enter a management & maintenance agreement with Alizes Marine Limited (AML), a Trinidad & Tobago registered company.

AML, as the management and maintenance company, will own (1) one share of ACI.

ACI will purchase the yacht for USD 400,000. AML will completely refurbish the yacht (main engines, generator, sails, air-condition, electronics, etc) over the duration of the initial ownership which is (6) six years, commencing October 2012. The repair and maintenance costs are estimated to be USD 200,000. Remember though, that there will be absolutely no costs payable by you in this regard.

As a Fractional Owner, you secure an income of 7% per annum, per share (be it 25%, 50% or 75%). This income will be deposited to the official off-shore bank account of ACI on October 1st of each year during the initial period. Therefore, the first income deposit will be made on October 1st 2012.

The initial share’s ownership term is 6 years, after which 3 options are available:

A) Renewal of a 6 years ownership/Purchase of another yacht:
Should all shareholders agree upon entering into a new management contract with Alizes Marine Limited after the initial 6-year term, the sale of the yacht would instead occur after 9 years. At that time, you can decide to recoup the interest generated over the initial period (6 years) of $ 63,000 or reinvest this income in the purchase of a new vessel on the same basis.

B) All Share holders decide to sell the boat:
If this option is exercised then upon completion of the sale, you will receive the percentage of the proceeds commensurate to your original investment (example: if you are a 25% shareholder, you will receive 25% of the sale proceeds). You will also receive the accumulated income consisting of the 7% (i.e. USD 63,000.00) of your initial investment, generated over the 6 years.

C) You sell your share to another share holder:
Should you decide to sell your share of the yacht after 6 years, the other 3 shareholders will have first option to buy it at market value.


Usage at a very low cost

Each 25% share holders will be entitle to 3 weeks of use every year starting from October 1st, 2012. As a fractional owner, with flexibility being the key, you have two options of usage:

Option 1: A yearly usage of 3 weeks of sailing, on a bareboat basis. You have complete flexibility in how you use your cruising time, and where you sail from Tobago. The use of a skipper is mandatory to assist with the yachts’ systems, handling and navigation. This option is perfect for the owner who wants to be in charge of his own yacht, and it requires a certain level of sailing proficiency. The captain fee is $2,000 per week.

Option 2: A yearly usage of 3 weeks of sailing, on a fully crewed all-inclusive basis. Again, you will have the flexibility in choosing when & where you sail from Tobago. However with this option, you can sit back and let your professional crew look after the details such as provisioning, cooking, cleaning, yacht handling and navigation. Your full service includes all meals & drinks, crew, cruising permits and taxes, fuel and water. This option is perfect for the owner who desires a high level of service and pampering whilst sailing. A true 5 star treatment for all guests on board. The all-inclusive option is $750 per persons (minimum 6 persons).

A usage combination of the two above options is also available. You simply choose your sailing experiences for the following season, and off you go!

The use of a licensed captain is mandatory as it is required by our insurance. However, if an owner has the Off-shore yacht master or equivalent, he will be allowed to use the yacht bare at no cost.

Insured return on investment.

Apart of the 7% income generated over your initial investment, should decide not to use all of your sailing time, the said time will be placed in the rental pool and the owner will receive 30% of the gross income generated by these weeks (Approximately $4,500 per week rented out).

Worry-Free Management and Maintenance.

Alizes Marine Ltd will manage and cover the cost of all aspect of the charter production, this includes:

Crew management
Cruising permits and all local taxes
Water & Diesel

Alizes Marine Ltd will also manage and cover all maintenance cost. You can be ensured that we will look after the yacht as if it is our own! In fact, since we will also be a shareholder, we will partly own the yacht!

We have 20 years experience in the yachting industry & boat maintenance business and will insure to keep your yacht in pristine condition. You only have to worry about where & when you should go on your next sailing vacation!


Your yacht will be fully insured for hulls & Machinery with a third party liability up to $2,000,000.

Resale value

Alizes Marine Ltd has operated a similar Privilege 51’ for the past 5 years, S/V Jade (built in 1993). When we took over Jade in 2006, she was evaluated at $425,0000. A refit was done at that time and in 2010, she was evaluated at $525,000. The Privileges 51' are very well built and sustain a very good after market resale value.

The same model Privilege 51' we are planning to purchase is more recent (1998). After refurbishment, keeping on the safe side, we foresee a resale value at about USD 550,000 at the end of the agreement.

Off-shore investment

As you may know, off-shore companies and bank account ensure upmost privacy and allow secure trading. Your investment is cleared from any taxes.



Purchase price: $ 450,000
Yearly operating costs, including crew: $ 100,000
Total over 6 years: $ 1,050,000


Bare boat, 3 weeks @ $12,000 per week: $ 36,000
Total over 6 years: $ 216,000

Fully crewed, 3 weeks @ $19,000 per week: $ 57,000
Total over 3 years: $ 342,000


Purchase price: $ 150,000
Minimum price of 3 weeks charter (Skipper only) X 6 years: $ 36,000
Maximum price of 3 weeks charter (All-inclusive) X 6 years: $ 85,860
Total over 3 years: Between $ 186,000 and $ 235,860

Please remember, after 6 years with Alizes Catamaran Inc, you still own your asset. Upon the sale of the yacht, you will receive 25% of the proceeds + 7% Interest:
25% of 550,000 (resale value) = $137,500
7% interested on your $150,000 investment = $63,000
Total recoup = $200,500

Should you decide not to use some of your weeks, each of those weeks could represent about $4,500 net income to you.

Invaluable sailing vacation time and guaranteed returns!

What are your dreams made of?

Please download our complete brochure, click here.


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