Sailing around Tobago: discover the last secret gem of the Caribbean by Sea…

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A week sailing around Tobago on Jade

The last secret gem of the Caribbean: Turquoise water in the Lagoon, Emerald water at the feet of the rain forest, waterfalls, etc. Tobago has it all! We are the only Charter organisation to offer weekly all-inclusive trip around Tobago.Not far from Venezuela, to the south of the Grenadines, the Caribbean island of Tobago has been able to maintain its charm. With its colorful, wooden architecture, Caribbean fetes and traditions you will quickly feel as though a spell has been cast upon you. A melting pot of people originating from Africa, Asia, and Europe, every cast has its own different culture but with a way of life linked to the sea and winds. With respect to the vegetation, Tobago has an enormous amount to offer: A chain of mountains covered in a carpet of greenery stretching high above the white sandy beaches. Tobago is a real splendor of ecological life. Even the turtles make no mistakes. They made this island their preferred destination as a resting nesting ground. It's an amazing playground for all outdoor activities… Tobago is a very easy and inexpensive destination to get and from the US and Europe.

Rates ($US)

Cabin Rental on a Shared Charter (Based on double occupancy)
For week starting on December 17th 2011 to April 28th 2012: $ 2,625 per person
For week starting May 5th to August 18th 2012: $ 2,300 per person
For week starting August 25th to October 20th 2012: $ 1,975 per person
For week starting October 27th to December 15th 2012: $ 2,300 per person

Cabin Rental on a Shared Charter (Based on single occupancy)
For week starting on December 17th 2011 to April 28th 2012: $ 3,900 per person
For week starting May 5th to August 18th 2012: $ 3,400 per person
For week starting August 25th to October 20th 2012: $ 2,925 per person
For week starting October 27th to December 15th 2012: $ 3,400 per person

Private Charter (Whole boat booking)
For week starting on December 17th 2011 to April 28th 2012: $ 20,000
For week starting May 5th to August 18th 2012: $ 18,000
For week starting August 25th to October 20th 2012: $ 15,000
For week starting October 27th to December 15th 2012: $ 18,000

What's included?

* 7 nights aboard your luxury catamaran in a cabin sleeping two people with private shower and w.c.
* Your very own skipper and first mate to look after you and who will be your hosts and guides for the week.
* A menu that you might find in a fine Hotel, produced in the galley of your sleek yacht.
Breakfast and lunch everyday that you are aboard. Dinner five nights out of seven. Nobody starves though. Please see below for the other two nights!!!
* All beverages, including alcoholic beverages and cocktails from a well-stocked and perpetually open bar.
* All the sea toys you would expect including snorkel gear, sea fishing rods and sturdy kayaks for adventure.

What's not included?

* Two dinners are taken ashore. Usually the Tuesday or Wednesday and the last evening on Friday night.
* Dive extras, such as wet suits and dive computers, are not provided.
* Waterskiing is available at $35.00 per session.
* Airport transfer can be arranged but we are not covering the cost.
* Tipping your crew is entirely at your own discretion. If you feel that they have done a wonderful job then a gratuity would be most welcome! Somewhere around 10% of the all inclusive fee you have paid, about USD 150 per guests per week would be considered appropriate.
* Personal toiletries and sunscreen.
* We provide mask, fins, snorkel, BCD, regulator, tank, air and weights for scuba divers. We charge USD 75.00 per dive for non-TradeWinds Members.
* Flight and cancellation insurance is not included. We strongly recommend that you purchase fully comprehensive travel insurance, as the relatively small cost of this will cover all eventualities from loss of luggage or accommodation due to flight delays, or even cruise cancellations within 90 days prior to departure.


This is a sample itinerary (and also an introduction to the Trinbagonian dialect!). Weather or other outside factors may mean that your skipper sets an alternative course.

Arrival Day

Embarkation is possible from 5 p.m. However, you can check in and drop off your luggage at our office at the Lagoon Lodge in Bon Accord. Your catamaran will be moored at the jetty in the magnificent setting of the Bon Accord Lagoon in the Bucco Reef. Upon arrival at our office at the Lagoon Lodge, you will be greeted by our Operations Manager who will go through the check-in procedure with you. You can then go to Pigeon Point or Crown Point to have something to eat and some refreshments. Back at the Lagoon Lodge for 5 pm, you’ll be introduced to your crew, your fellow sailors and your TradeWinds yacht whilst you enjoy a refreshing welcome cocktail. After being shown to your cabin and your new home for the week, take a little time to settle in and enjoy a delicious dinner aboard. Your yacht remains in the harbor for the evening, allowing you to acclimatize.

Cruising Day One

Breakfast is served followed by a first look at the proposed itinerary for the week. To put you in the mood “one time”, get your snorkeling gear and the captain will take you with the dinghy to the “Coral garden”, a beautiful patch of coral reef inside the Bucco Reef. Back on the boat, lunch before setting sails on a short journey to Mount Irvine, the surfer’s bay. If you like to participate in the handling of the yacht and sails, you can do so but if you prefer, just lie back and relax. It is all up to you. Once in Mount Irvine, if the swell is up, you can try yourself on one of the cleanest “right” waves in the Caribbean while admiring the sunset. Otherwise, you can just relax on deck or snorkel just off the boat but make sure to be back on time for the cocktail hour!

Cruising Day Two

After a scrumptious breakfast, it is time for a first dive! The Mount Irvine Wall is perfect to get back into the swing of things. We will sail after the dive to “Cotton bay” for lunch. Only accessible by boat, this bay offers some of the nicest snorkeling on the Island. After Lunch, you’ll be sailing in Paradise on your way to Heaven: arriving in Englishman’s Bay should make you feel that way! There is of course the possibility of snorkeling there but you can also start to explore the rain forest that fringes the beach... The day will end with another wonderful sunset followed by a dinner onboard inclusive sometimes of fresh fish that we may have caught earlier in the day. In this location there is virtually no light pollution whatsoever and your captain may invite all guests up on deck for a night cap and an evening of the most amazing stargazing.

Cruising Day Three

Waking up with the sound of the parrots and other bird species, you can start the day with a swim to the beach where you could meet some fisherman whom have come to pull the traditional “Seine” nets. Back onboard for breakfast and organise the dive. This dive is right off the yacht and always very interesting. To change our scenery for lunch, we hop to Bloody Bay where, once again, there are opportunities for snorkeling. It’s now time to set sail towards Man of War Bay where you arrive before sunset to find the picturesque Charlottesville's village. Take a walk through this village where time seems to have been suspended a long time ago. Then get back to “Pirate Bay” take a gentle stroll along the coastline at sunset, the dinghy will meet with you on the beach... In Tobago, we actually offer the choice of having dinner ashore on the Tuesday or the Wednesday night. The crew will explain the different possibilities.

Cruising Day Four

This morning, get ready for yet another dive! The non-divers have the opportunity to hike up the Flagstaff Hill: No needs for a guide, just a good pair of walking shoes! The track starts right off the beach. After an early lunch onboard, it’s time to get ready for the what’s supposed to be a little rough sail around the North of the Island, passing Saint Giles Rock on your way to Anse Bateau, located near the village of Speyside. There is a small resort in this bay which offers lovely food so, if you haven’t had dinner onshore the night before in Charlotteville, you can do so at the Blue Waters Inn in Anse Bateau.

Cruising Day Five

Motoring 10 minutes across the Bay will take you to Little Tobago: Welcome to divers paradise! This area is reputed for it’s largest brain coral in the World, its shoals of Manta Rays but also, be aware, strong currents... While the divers enjoy themselves, the snorkelers also have a unforgettable time as the reef around Little Tobago is fantastic perhaps you might just want to hike around this tiny island. There is also the possible tour to the “Argyle” waterfall, 30 minutes drive from where the yacht is moored. Lunch is served onboard, followed by the digestive siesta before sailing around to nearby King’s Bay. A sheltered horseshoe bay with excellent ½-mile (800m) dark-sand beach, shaded by coconut trees and calm, warm water. The site was once a large Carib settlement. Kings Bay waterfall can be reached by a trail on the opposite side of the Windward Road, but be warned that the falls are often dry when there hasn't been much rain. Once again, the captain will mix one of his secret & delicious cocktail while the first mate prepares a sumptuous dinner.

Cruising Day Six

After breakfast and a swim into the ocean (or vice-versa!), it’s unfortunately time to sail back to the point of departure but, your holidays are not over yet. You will navigate through the Bucco Reef to be back inside the Bon Accord Lagoon where lunch will be served onboard next to “No-Man’s Land” beach. Very often there is a lime going on there: watch out not to get the party going too early! It’s time to exchange addresses and fill in the guest book before having dinner ashore followed by the sometimes too famous, last night party!

Departure Day

After breakfast onboard, it is time to gather your belongings and memories. Your crew will arrange transport back to the airport before exchanging fond farewells. You will already be planning your next cruise.

Further information

Just 11˚ North of the Equator, Trinidad and Tobago (pronounced tree-nee-dad and to-bay-go) are the two most southern Caribbean islands, lying just off the coast of Venezuela, South America. Trinidad and Tobago are completely different islands. Trinidad is large, industrial and sweaty and Tobago is tiny, postcard pretty, quiet, warm and breezy. To put it in perspective, Trinidadians holiday in Tobago.
Tobago is located at latitude 11° 9' N, longitude 60° 40' W, slightly north of Trinidad. While Trinidad is multiethnic, the population of Tobago is primarily of African descent, although with a growing proportion of Trinidadians of East Indian descent. Tobago is primarily hilly and of volcanic origin. The southwest of the island is flat and consists largely of coralline limestone. Trinidad and Tobago used to be part of South America and is home to wildlife usually only found on the geographical mainland. The central part of the island is covered with the oldest rain forest in the western hemisphere.
The wildlife in Tobago won’t kill you but the Tobago Air Force is fierce: there are mosquitoes on land, so you should make sure you take along some relevant protection.
English is the official language.


Average temperature: 30C (86F). The sea can be as warm as your bath, and is warmest in the rainy season. Jumping into the sea during a quick tropical rain burst on the beach is great fun. And the re-emerging sun will dry your towel in no time. During the ‘dry season’ (January-May). It’s cooler, just 80F! and there is the occasional rain shower. The so called ‘wet season’ - and not to be confused with ‘monsoons’. It’s more humid, the sea is warmer, and warm, tropical rain usually comes in short, sharp bursts and freshens the greenery. The island is at its most beautiful in this season as everything is full of color. The seasons’ boundaries are becoming blurred. Tobago is just south of the hurricane belt so is usually outside the path of hurricanes.

What to bring

Please pack as lightly as you can. Most of our guests wear only a fraction of what they bring! All you really need are shorts, tee shirts and beachwear. In addition to this something more formal for the two evenings you will be dining ashore as most hotels and restaurants stipulate jacket and tie for men and dresses for women in the evening. Appropriate Attire: Informal, but conservative. Beach attire is appropriate for the beach but not town, shops or restaurants. Soft luggage is preferable if you have it. We have some limited storage onshore for your empty bags, but please bring as little as you are comfortable with. Between meals, fresh fruit is available. If you like to eat more between meals, please feel free to bring snacks with you.

Travel Insurance

We strongly advise that all guests cruising with us have fully comprehensive travel insurance which will cover all eventualities such as hotel accommodation, lost baggage, theft, changes to flights or even cruise cancellation within TradeWinds 90 day period.


The Islands provides 110/220 volts AC, 60 Hz, Plugs are the 2 flat pin type, as in the USA.


The local currency is the Trinidad & Tobago dollar, and there are roughly 6 $TT dollars to the $US dollar. What do you get for your money? Well, a bottle of the local beer, Carib, costs about 8 TT dollars at most beach or local bars. That same beer can cost 15 TT dollars or more in your hotel. Or you could buy from the supermarket for about 5 TT dollars a beer, and get money back as well on the empties!
A local take away dish  (‘roti’) can be had for no more than 24 TT dollars and comes with chicken, beef shrimp or goat and is delicious.


Tourists to Tobago find it’s a relatively safe island to visit. The Tobago authorities deal with crime against tourists very seriously indeed - thefts from tourists are deterred by heavy jail sentences. Tobagonians are a warm and respectful people - but whatever country you holiday in there’s always an element of crime. Exercise the same caution you would in your own hometown. Keep your money and valuables safe. Don’t leave your bag and camera on an empty beach while you go for a swim. Be sensible. Generally, you can walk around Tobago, day or night, and not be looking over you shoulder.

Useful Links

Visiting Trinidad en route

Please contact us regarding overnight accommodation in Trinidad. If you are planning to stay a few days before or after your cruise, it would be preferable to stay in Tobago rather than Trinidad.

Flights between Trinidad & Tobago

Caribbean Airlines operates the air bridge between Piarco  and Crown Point airports. Air bridge tickets can be purchased online:
Fare for the 25-minute flight are TT$300 (US$50) per person return, or TT$150 (US$25) one-way. Children under 12 years of age enjoy a 50% discount. Air bridge flights are on a single-class Bombardier Dash 8 aircraft. The flight duration is 25 minutes and visitors are advised to allow a minimum connecting time of 20 minutes for domestic flights and one hour for international flights.
There is a flight departing Trinidad every 45 min. from 6 am till 8.30 pm.
There is a flight departing Tobago every 45 min. from 6.50 am till 21.15 pm.

Ferry between Trinidad & Tobago

At present, two Fast Ferries service the route with an average sailing time of approximately 2 ½ hours. Schedules for Sundays and Public Holidays vary. Please use the following link for the latest ferry timetables and prices:


Clearing immigration

Please write your address whilst you cruise as "Lagoon Lodge, Bon Accord, Tobago" which is the place from where you will board.

Getting to the Base

It is preferrable that we arrange a taxi for you, whether you are coming through the Crown Point airport or the ferry terminal in Scarborough. Our base at the lagoon Lodge is about 5 minutes drive from the airport (USD 8.00/taxi) and about 20 minutes from the ferry terminal (USD 16.00/taxi) but it is quite tricky to find a few taxi drivers will know it.
Note: Whether you are entering the country in Trinidad or in Tobago, it is preferable to mention Alizes Charters at the Lagoon Lodge in Bon Accord, Tobago as your place to stay when proceeding through immigration as it will be where you can be reached during your cruise.

Arriving Early

When arriving early, you can check-in and drop off your luggage at our office from 9am on Saturday morning. You can either decide to relax around our lounge/pool at the Lagoon Lodge or spend some times at Pigeon Point, a magnificent Beach resort where restaurants, bars and water-sport activities are available. The lodge is fringing the Bon Accord Lagoon, and only 5 minutes from Pigeon Point by boat. We can organise a taxi (USD 8.00/taxi) or a water-taxi to drop you there (USD 10.00/person/return). The entrance fee to Pigeon point is USD 3.00.
If you arrive a day or two prior to your sailing trip, we have cottages available at the lagoon lodge.

Contacting the base

If you experience delays and you feel that you cannot get to the base in time then please call +868 780 3422 leaving your name(s) and a short description of the problem along with contact details for where you are. Please note that all pricing was correct at the time of publication.

Extending your stay

Tobago was voted "best eco-destination" for three years in a row and has a lot to offer in terms of forest tours, bird watching, diving and other water sports activities. It is strongly recommended to plan to stay a few days before or after your trip.

Staying at the Lagoon Lodge

The Lagoon Lodge is nested in seven acres of a romantic exclusive hideaway. Each unit has access to a plunge pool and is fully air-conditioned. It can be rented as a cottage with a mezzanine bedroom, below kitchenette and sofa-bed or a single bedroom with quick dining facility (kettle, microwave and a small fridge). The beauty of the garden grounds, the mangrove and the protected wildlife in the area are a sight worth seeing! A boardwalk through the mangrove accesses our private jetty where your yacht will is moored.
The cottages are carefully furnished with every essential appliance and a custom kitchen. The wooden stairs lead to your loft bedroom with a huge double bed. Also provided for your comfort are cable TV, wine cooler, hammock, linens and maid service. This is the ideal place to stay whether you wish to wind down before your cruise or stay a little longer afterwards.
These accommodations are not available at Plus Points, however, prices starts at USD 90.00 for a double occupancy room. Please download our complete price list and reservation policy.


As usual, we will offer diving from the yacht and choose the best options available. However, the best dives around Tobago are not accessible directly off the boat or with our dinghy. So, if you are an avid diver and wish to extend your experience in Tobago, we can organise packages with a very reputable dive company. Please contact us for prices.
Learn to dive package: Should you wish to learn diving we have put together a package with accommodation: Get your PADI/SSI Open Water (3/4 days, equipment, instruction book, logbook and certificate) and 4 nights (single bedroom, food not included) at the Lagoon Lodge for only USD 649.00 per person (minimum 2 persons).